Check for Me

by Charm

Released 2008
Released 2008
Alluring vocals that command your ear. Bringing a Motown voice to the new school. Each song packed with personality and infused with music that moves you. Definitely an artist to look out for.
Born in Rock Hill, SC, to humble beginnings, *Charm* is an abbreviation of Charissa Mobley, the R&B singer’s birth name. As early as 4 years old *Charm* could be seen in her performance get-up of sunglasses and a microphone, dancing and singing to her own tune. First singing in church and then for family reunions by the age10, *Charm* grew to adore music and realized the wonders of her voice. Naturally a good writer, *Charm* wrote for the local newspaper as a teen and began writing music lyrics in high school.
By the time *Charm* was 18 years old, it was clear that music was her passion and she began working on her first solo album. Although this album never made it to shelves, *Charm* continued to sing in karaoke locales and open mics. She worked with other producers around the District of Columbia before realizing that her dream lied within.
*Charm* connected with two young producers of industry credibility at an entertainment event in the nation’s capitol, and the duo crafted music to *Charm*s style which led to the grass roots work for “Check For Me”, and the foundation of *Charm*s solo debut began. By working odd jobs, *Charm* scraped month by month over 2 years to pay for an album that would set her apart from many other female artists in the music business- she wrote the lyrics for each song, executive produced each track, and paid for the entire project independently.
Often hearing the words “star” and “amazing” after performances locally and nationally, *Charm* is headed for international success.
*Charm* is an ASCAP artist and desires for listeners to hear the realness in her lyrics and in her voice. Inspired by naysayers and doubters, *Charm* wrote the title song “Check’n For Me” with hopes of getting across her personality and her belief in turning negative energy into positive. When asked where she will be in 5 years, *Charm* quickly responds, “[just] Check For Me.” Not cocky but confident, *Charm* draws audiences with her electric performances and her resonating voice- no wonder the coined alias fits her perfectly.
Sure to make her mark, *Charm* is a singer/songwriter destined for success.