CHARM™ is a celebrated solo artist in Pop, R&B, and Soul, drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. CHARM™'s signature lies in her genre-blending music, weaving together elements of jazz, pop, and more.

Born in the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, CHARM™ uncovered her passion for music in the church which is the source of the soulful essence of her sound.

Her recent release, "The Power of Love," acts as a prelude to "The Love Project II," slated for a 2024 debut.

The 2022 album, "The Love Project," released in December of that year, marked a significant milestone, clinching accolades such as the Akademia Award for Best R&B/Soul Album, a Global Music Award, and a Josie Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Artist of the Year (2023).

A solo luminary supported by exceptional musicians, CHARM™ consistently challenges norms. Her musical prowess reflects in iTunes rankings, alongside accolades like the Tracks Award for “Song of the Summer” (2023) for “Love Only”, an Indie Songwriting Award for “Best Pop Song” for “Love Only”, and an ISSA Award for the “Love Only” music video.

Notably, "Let Love Grow" received praise, earning a Radio Music Award, a World Songwriting Award, and an Indie Music Channel Award, with a nomination for a World Entertainment Award set for Hollywood in February 2024.

Distinguished for performances captivating audiences of over 20,000, CHARM™ evokes emotion, moving listeners with her compelling stage presence and resonating voice.

What sets CHARM™ apart is her dedication to crafting timeless music that all audiences can enjoy. Her lyrics, akin to vivid brushstrokes on a canvas, resonate beyond boundaries, exploring diverse facets of love. Her music delves into various forms of love, transcending the conventional narratives and encompassing universal emotions.

As an independent force since 2008, her music has reached major retailers like Walmart and gained major radio airplay, propelling her into the mainstream consciousness. Her vision extends to influencing audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible musical legacy.